Ellen Davidson

Below are links to galleries of photos taken by Ellen Davidson. They are arranged in date order, newest first. All photos are Creative Commons copyright, free for use for news and nonprofit purposes.


Founding of Camp Constellation 7-4-17
Woodstock Poetry Reading 6-30-17
Veterans on the March 5-30-17
Reading MLK Beyond Vietnam Speech 5-29-17
Letters to the Wall Memorial Day 5-29-17
People’s Climate March 4-29-17

VFP Delegation to Palestine February-March 2-17

VFP in Nabi Saleh 3-3-17
VFP at U.S. Embassy in Tel Aviv 3-1-17
VFP at Knesset 2-28-17
VFP in Al Araqeeb 2-27-17
VFP Ramallah 2-25-17
VFP Hebron Open Shuhada Street 2-24-17
VFP Open Shuhada Street Market 2-22-17
VFP in Hebron 2-21-17
VFP at Bethlehem Museum of Natural History  2-20-17
VFP at Aida Refugee Camp and tour of Bethlehem area 2-19-17
VFP at House of Hope, Al Azaria 2-18-17
VFP in Bil’in 2-17-17

Women’s March in Washington 1-21-17


Trump Counterinauguration Protest 1-20-16
VFP UK “Creating Enemies” Panel 11-12-16
VFP UK Remembrance Day 11-13-16
VFP UK Band Night 11-11-16
Standing rock protest and arrests 10-10-16
Standing with Standing Rock, Washington Square, 9-13-16
Indy Labor Day Barbecue 9-5-13
Ametek Rotron and Anti-Drone Protest, Woodstock, July 2-Aug. 21, 2016

DNC Philadelphia 2016

DNC Philadelphia Black Lives Matter March 7-26-16
DNC Philadelphia Poor People’s March 7-25-16
DNC Philadelphia Anti-Drone Display 7-24-16
DNC Philadelphia March for a Clean Energy Revolution 7-24-16

Albany Protest vs. Gov. Cuomo’s Anti-BDS Executive Order 6-15-16
Michael Ratner Memorial 6-13-16
Letters to the Wall Memorial Day 5-30-16
VFP Memorial Day in NYC 5-29-16
Gail Miller’s Birthday 5-22-16
Harmonic Insurgence at Park Slope Methodist Church 5-15-16
Trump Demo at Grand Central Station 4-14-16
Multifaith Conference on Drones at Stony Point Conference Center 4-8 and 9-16
We Will Not Be Silent Anniversary 3-19-16
We Will Not Be Silent Anniversary 3-18-16
Highline Park 3-18-16
Veterans Challenge Islamophobia 2-27-16


VFP in Okinawa and Jeju Island December 2015

VFP in Okinawa 12-14-15
VFP in Okinawa 12-13-15
VFP in Okinawa 12-12-15
VFP in Okinawa 12-9 and 10-15
VFP in Okinawa 12-9 and 10-15 Airbases
VFP in Jeju Island 12-6-15
VFP in Jeju Island 12-5-15
VFP in Jeju Island 12-4-15
VFP in Jeju Island 12-3-15
VFP in Jeju Island 12-2-15

Occupy Peace, Kingston, NY, 9-20-15
XDFest Woodstock, 9-12-15
Iran Peace Deal Protest 9-8-15

Veterans For Peace Convention San Diego 2015

VFP Convention 8-8-15
VFP Convention 8-7-15
VFP Convention 8-6-15
VFP Convention 8-5-15–International Peace and Humanity Day

Ladendorf Dogs 8-15
Golden Rule Arrives in San Diego 8-2-15
VFP Meeting with Okinawa Governor 5-31-15
Okinawa Mayors Meeting, Washington, DC, 5-30-15
Letters to the Wall Memorial Day 2015 5-25-15
Dialogue Group Benefit for Maia Water Project, Brooklyn, 3-22-15
Spring Rising March and Rally 3-21-15
Spring Rising VFP Panel 3-20-15
Leepfrog User Conference, San Antonio, TX, 2-26-15
Riverwalk, San Antonio, TX, 2-25 and 26-15
We Carry the Names 1-5-15


Millions March New York City/Black Lives Matter 12-13-14
150 Names/We Will Not Be Silent 12-12-14
David Hartsough and Rev. Sekou at Catholic Worker 12-9-14
Eric Garner Protest 12-7-14
Eric Garner Protest 12-4-14
Eric Garner Protest 12-3-14
Michael Brown Protest 11-25-14
Michael Brown Protest 11-24-14