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Feel free to post below if you need or can offer rides to Washington for the March 18, 19 & 20 actions.

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  1. joanne robson says:

    I might be interested in either driving with others or catching a ride with someone from Wisconsin; I live in Omro, near Oshkosh. Let me know. joanne

    • Tom Ridderng says:

      Four of us VFP members will be driving a van to Washington from Minneapolis/St. Paul and MAY have a seat vacant. We are still waiting to hear from someone else. We would be coming down I-94 Thursday evening (3/17). If we end up having room, could we pick you up in Mauston or Portage? Or maybe Coloma? We estimate the cost for rental and gas to be around $165/person. You can either e-mail me or call me at (651) 714-2617 or (651) 402-4252. Thanks. Tom Riddering

  2. Chris says:

    Glad to finally see a post in anticipation of 3/18-3/19/11 J. in Wisconsin!
    I live on the Seacost of NH and am seeking a ride for the Saturday Demonstration and to return Sunday in time for work Monday 3/20. I can’t get arrested but would go to both actions, including Manning if can get back late Sun Night. Looking to ride/share gas costs or discount with bus. Can go from Boston/Portsmouth NH or meet a contingent from VT at the convergance of Interstate 89/93 etc. Also would meet dirvers or busses further South, e.g. Providence, RI or New Haven, CT. Artist and activist.

    • Jim says:

      One of us from western NH (between Hanover and Keene), one from Keene, and one from Burlington are thinking of sharing a ride, perhaps meeting in Brattleboro. Trying to recruit others.

      • Jim, those of you from Western NH, Vermont, who want to potentially meet in Brattleboro -do you already have a vehicle for 4 or 5 …and are you planning to go on Friday in order to attend the events and meetings Friday night? I have a small hatchback sports car, could take a second wave of 2 add’l riders or would like to consider riding with you. – Chris- Exeter NH-

      • Chris says:

        I would consider driving to Brattleboro if you want a 4th person and if I can find out if you are going to DC on Friday- for the meetings in DC Friday Night. -Chris

        • David Ross - Veterans for Peace says:

          Chris – I’m the Vermont guy, anyone get back to you yet? Our tentative plan is leave Brattleboro 3 AM Fri which means we’ll miss Fri night and if any glitches could even be late for the demo. Really want to leave in time for everything without any timing risk. There is a free church to stay at. Call me at 802-922-4029. Dave

  3. Bud Holle says:

    I would like a ride from Tamp FL to DC for the rally 18th,19th if any one is going from here


    • Bert says:

      Bud, if you can make it to Chapel Hill, N.C., you’re welcome to ride with me up and back (leaving Friday morning, returning Sunday afternoon).

      • Jonathan says:

        I’m in Spartanburg, SC if you can route this way, I have gas money and I can also leave friday, a friend of mine wants to come along if there’s room

        • Leo Paz says:

          Jonathan , we could pick you up off the 85 on the way to Chapel Hill; now if Bert had room for three we could go in his, if there’s more people or he can’t we could go in mine…OK take care

  4. Rio says:

    I am taking the bus from Texas to DC but was wondering if anyone had an extra seat for a lift BACK to the Texas area or anywhere west of the Mississippi? Thanks!

  5. Rio says:

    I was wondering if anyone had an extra seat heading BACK from DC to the South (Texas)? Thanks!

  6. Eeo Stubblefield says:

    Looking for ride (two of us) from Woodstock NY
    Will share all costs

    • Roland Van Deusen says:

      How close to Route 81 is Woodstock? Going down 81 as far as Harrisburg to DC Rally @ member of Veterans For Peace, DC event 3/19. Reply to vandeusenn@aol.com if you can get @ far @ 81 on Friday. Have room for 2 – 3
      to share $$ for gas, etc. Have late model car w/clean driving record. No drugs or weapons allowed in car, but otherwise welcome.

  7. Eeo Stubblefield says:

    Looking for a ride share (there are two of us) from Woodstock NY
    Will share all costs.

  8. Helen says:

    I’ve been asking for the past two months if there are any organized groups leaving from NYC to DC, but there don’t seem to be. Anyone from NYC leaving Friday or Saturday?

  9. Bert says:

    I am planning on leaving Chapel Hill, N.C. on Friday morning and returning on Sunday afternoon. Have room for two or three passengers.


    • Leo Paz says:

      Bert, the southern contingent here; what time are you leaving on Friday? Me and hopefully 2-4 others could be in Chapel Hill by noon (?) I think we could be in DC by 5-6 pm… how many can fit in your car?
      In solidarity

      • Bert says:

        Leo, I can take four but that’s three in the back seat. Since I’ll be driving I don’t mind, but the three in the back seat might. But I’m happy to carpool with four others.

        I’m driving a Tahoe so it’s pretty roomy.

        To be in D.C. by 5pm we’d have to leave here NLT noon, probably 11 or 1130 would be best.

        Let me know what you want to do.


        • Leo Paz says:

          Bert, well so far haven’t heard back from Gretchen or Jonathan, I’m still planning on being at Chapel by noon though. My number is 513-646-0236

  10. Good morning.
    I want to go to Washington, DC from Atlanta GA. I will of course chip in for gas money and bring food to share. I am looking for a ride up to the capitol on the 18th so I will be able to be there in time for the organization meeting the night of the 18th. Please email me if you are heading that way. Thank you!!!

    • Leo Paz says:

      Gretchen, I’m going through Atlanta; I think we could pick up one or two more for gas help (Jonathan in SC) and meet up with Bert in Chapel Hill, NC; we could be there the night before; are you coming back this way? OK take care

      • Bert says:

        Leo and Gretchen, please see my comments in the section above.

      • gretchen elsner says:

        Leo + bert I am sorry I didn’t see this until today: thursday the 17th in the afternoon. I could catch a shuttle to atlanta from athens and be there in the morning to rendezvous. call me 706b614 8333

  11. karen pascale says:

    I am one hour out of nyc in nj …anyone interested in sharing a ride?

  12. Bruce DeLaney says:

    I bought bus tickets from Philadelphia to D.C. but my ride to the city won’t be available now. I live in Point Pleasant, Pa. I need to be in Philadelphia at the 30th St. Station by 5:30 AM Saturday morning.

    • Eric Boyce says:

      Bruce from CB66? I wasn’t planning on going, but if you absolutely, positively can’t get a ride, I might be talked into going or getting you to Phila. I’m in Willow Grove and would have to get up seriously early to get you to Phila. Which is it, 30th St train, or Market East bus station? My significant other would not appreciate my going to DC to be arrested, nor leaving her car in Phila, nor getting up in the middle of the night to take us, so I hope you find another way. Didn’t you used to ride your bike to DC?

  13. Jim P says:

    I would be interested in going if I can hitch a ride from someone going from Baltimore to DC?

  14. Jim Rogers says:

    Would like to share a ride from Audubon, NJ

  15. James Swarts says:

    Bruce & Bonnie Freeman and I are putting together a car pool from Rochester, NY. We plan on leaving around 1:00 a.m. on Saturday and returning to Rochester Saturday evening after the rally. If you are in the Rochester area and would be interested in car pooling please contact us ASAP. Peace.

  16. Seth Warncke says:

    Dayton, OH to Washington D.C. for the March 19 rally. Will share costs.

  17. Tom Ridderng says:

    We have a van (6 person) leaving from the Minneapolis/St. Paul area on Thursday and we have one seat vacant. We have offered it to Joanne Robson at the top of this page, but I haven’t heard from her yet. If you are interested in riding with us, give me a call at (651) 714-2617 or (651) 402-4252. Thanks. Tom Riddering

  18. Chris says:

    I’d appreciate hearing from ANYONE in the area of Boston, New Hampshire, Vermont, RI or CT who would either LIKE another RIDER to help pay for all gas
    – or might want to consider driving with ME and helping with gas (I have room for 2 max) – I have a Mazsaspeed Turbo ..and the gas ain’t cheap. Want to leave FRIDAY to attend evening meetings with NADER/HEDGES. Return SAT/SUN.

  19. Dianna says:

    I live near KCMO I wish I could go to both ralleys. Anyone going through KCMO or nearby?

  20. Joe Urgo says:

    I am leaving from NYC late Fri night or early Sat morning. I am looking for a ride to D.C. I can drive, share costs etc. If I cannot get a ride — it’s the Chinatown bus.

  21. Peg Rapp says:

    Anybody driving from NYC for the Bradley Manning Rally in quantico on Sunday?
    Two New Yorkers need a ride. Will share costs and driving.

  22. Padraic Starkey says:

    I’m looking for a ride Saturday early or mid AM, from or around Rutland/central Vermont, and down to DC and VA. Will pay my share or all of the gas, and help out with the food. My ride fell thru, and just talked with a vet taking a plane down to DC. I’m not a veteran, my dad and his brother are/were. No drugs or violence, pls, just a good time, and I really really want to support Pvt Manning.

  23. Bonny says:

    Hi, Looking for a ride from Manhattan either Fri. night or Sat. morning.

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