Oregon Progressive Network Supports “Take a Stand for Peace”

Action URL: http://OregonProgressiveNetwork.org/actions/VFP-to-Take-a-Stand-for-Peace-at-the-White-House-Dec-16

Action Name: VFP to Take a Stand for Peace at the White House Dec 16

Date: 2010-12-16

Location: White House
WASHINGTON, DC, 20500-0003

Organization: Veterans for Peace #132

MORE INFO: http://www.stopthesewars.org

Description: Come to DC on December 16! VFP led action at the White House

Comrades, Brothers and Sisters,
The following sentence is critical, so please read on. On Dec. 16th, 2010, veterans and others will stage what will be the largest veteran-led civil resistance to U.S. wars in recent history. All of us in Veterans For Peace need to pull together to make sure those will not be empty words.

Many of us have grown so used to the state of war being a constant these past 10 years that people no longer see it as an emergency the way they did prior to the Iraq invasion, when millions of us turned out worldwide to attempt to stop the oncoming war. I want us return to seeing it as an emergency, a fire that must be put out and one that we will put our bodies on the line to extinguish. Many, if not most of us, engage in anti-war activities of one sort or another on a regular basis, usually in our own locales. This action described below is different. It is not meant to be yet another anti-war action among many where perhaps a handful of vets take a stand and get arrested, barely generating a blip on the screen of world and U.S. consciousness.

The purpose of this action is twofold, direct and simple, yet profound. By showing scores of U.S. veterans being literally dragged away from the White House as they demand peace, we expose the hypocrisy of a government that is waging (and promoting) worldwide, endless warfare during a season when we celebrate “Peace on Earth.” But more important, it will vividly demonstrate that serious civil resistance is alive and well in the United States.

This will only happen if there are more than relative handfuls of us taking part. What we are asking is that your chapter support this, preferably by sending some (or all!) of your members to take part, but if you cannot do that, by enthusiastically spreading the word.

Here’s what Doug Zachary wrote about his participation: “We are at a critical time in world history. Will the Western democracies continue to develop along the lines of Rousseau, Voltaire, Jefferson, King, Chavez and company? Or does the future hold a feudal world committed to slavery and fascism? The extent to which we resist is the extent to which there is reason to hope. Our witness, even if ignored in our times, will be on record and will inspire democratic revolutionaries far into the future.”

To make sure it is not “ignored in our times,” we have three top videographers, and excellent still photographers committed to sending out a record of our resistance worldwide. We also have enthusiastic support from large non-veteran organizations that will mobilize their members in support (see flyer).

When you look at the signatures on the letter below, you’ll see many names you recognize, quite a few of our buddies, people who have been VFP stalwarts for years. What I’m asking is for all of us not to leave them hanging out to dry (Ferner says “freeze”). You get the picture. It’s the season—the more the merrier. Let’s demonstrate that VFP, when it comes to putting ourselves on the line, is a force for peace to be reckoned with.

If you want to be involved please e-mail stopthesewars@gmail.com or register online at http://www.stopthesewars.org, and we will keep you posted. Also, to make this a powerful reality, there will be expenses for banners, flyers, posters, legal, etc., so please make a donation at http://www.stopthesewars.org
For Peace and Solidarity,

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  1. Helen Evelev says:

    I am writing for Granny Peace Brigade Philadelphia to say we are joining you on the sixteen of December and would like to be on your list of sponsors.

  2. Helen Evelev says:

    The Granny Peace Brigade of Philadelphia will be joining you on December 16 and would like to be on your list of sponsors.

  3. Susan bragstad says:

    Is there a protest in San Francisco?

  4. Lizzie Cascade says:

    looking for protest in Seattle

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