Endorsers of the December 16 Veteran-Led Civil Resistance against War

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  1. Bruce Gagnon says:

    Please add the Global Network Against Weapons & Nuclear Power in Space to the endorser list. I will also be coming to the action.

    • Jack McHale says:

      Please add Pax Christi Metro DC and Baltimore ( the regional Pax Christi office) as endorsers as well as Pax Christi Pentagon Area ( local NoVA chapter)…Thanks….Peace now, Jack McHale

  2. Please add The Austin Center for Peace and Justice to the endorsers’ list .
    thank you . I am trying to raise funds to attend the action .

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  4. Cole Miller says:

    Please add No More Victims to the endorser’s list. We are currently working to bring a child who lost both legs in an American air strike back to the US for her third pair of prosthetic legs.

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  6. Nick Mottern says:

    Please add Consumers for Peace among endorsers. Thank you.

    • Leah Bolger says:

      Hi Nick,
      Could you post something on the Consumers for Peace website to help us promote the event and to verify that your organization is giving approval for endorsement?

  7. Sally Weiss says:

    PDA wants to be an endorser of your fine event. We have members who will stand with you that day — and undergo whatever being there may mean, including jail time.
    I have the authority from Tim Carpenter, Exec. Dir. of PDA and from the membership of my Issue Organizing Team to make this move. We are very glad you are planning this action. You veterans have the standing to call this nation out on war.
    — Sally Weiss, co-chair, End the War and Occupation IOT of PDA

    • Leah Bolger says:

      Thanks, Sally–I saw Tim’s name on David Swanson’s post today. Thanks for the support. Could PDA send out an action alert and/or post something on your website?

  8. Gar Smith says:

    Please add Environmentalists Against War to your list of endorsers.
    This is a clarion call and we are happy to trumpet the cause.
    As a veteran of the Free Speech Movement I was pleased that you cited Mario Savio’s still-galvanizing grassroots challenge to power. I served nearly a month in jail for the FSM sit-in (and wound up hoeing sugar beets with a “chain gang” of fellow prisoners working under a blistering sun with shotgun-toting deputies watching over us). I went on to stand on the tracks to protest troop trains as part of the Vietnam Day Committee and again put my body on the line by blocking a napalm truck to kick off the Port Chicago Vigil.
    We need this kind of direct action now. Thank you for clearly spelling out the need and providing the time and place. We will be posting this alert and invitation on tomorrow’s edition of EAW news.

    • Leah Bolger says:

      Hi Gar,
      We would love to add Environmentalists Against War to the list of endorsers. Could you post something to your website to help us promote the action and to verify that your organization is giving approval to the endorsement?

  9. Savitri D says:

    Please add Reverend Billy & The Church of Life After Shopping, hopefully we can come down from NYC on the 16th, but in any case we are having a peace night in nyc on the 18th of december and will relay the news from DC

    • Leah Bolger says:

      Hi Savitri,
      Could you post something on your website to help us promote the event and to verify that your organization is giving approval to the endorsement?

  10. Please add End US Wars to the list of endorsers. We’ve had enough.

    • Leah Bolger says:

      Hi Laurie,
      Thank you for your support! We will add you to the list of endorsing organizations ASAP. I hope many of your members will register for this action and join us in D.C.

  11. Please add the Peace & Justice Center of Eastern Maine as an endorser of this important action.

  12. Vic Anderson says:

    My contribution: Get the wage-frozen DC and local FEDS from as far
    as possible to join you! Tell em they’re being held hostage for at
    least the Next DECADE by the FATCAT’S CHAIN$MOKING CHUMP! — FEDs : The Dickens, DEM say! Don’t let the miserepubilkans and Barack
    spread their BHO! HUSSEIN! “lesser” evil spirits this season!!
    FEDS, join the VETS at their manning of the Barackades at the Casa
    Blanca buck stop on December 16, 2010 (Lafayette, Be THERE; 10:00 Hours). Throw a monkey-Grinch in the Uniparty’s holidays!!! After all, are y’all BETTER Off than you were 2 years ago? Are Any Of US?

  13. We join in opposing U.S. foreign intervention and wars. A nation must have the same values as each of its individuals. Aggressive violence is not only wrong, it produces painful blowback which poisons our nation and those who participate in war for decades to come. In a time of great need especially, this sin is compounded.

  14. Tom Siracuse says:

    Please add the “Manhattan Local of the Green Party of N Y State” (MLGPNYS) as an endorser of the December 16 “Stop These Wars” event.
    Tom Siracuse, co-chair of the MLGPNYS

  15. Rick Jahnkow says:

    Please add to your list of endorsers:

    National Network Opposing the Militarization of Youth

  16. Aaron Davis says:

    Please add Wasatch Coalition for Peace and Justice and Healthy Plant Mobilization Committee to the sponsors list. Solidarity Protest 16 December Federal Building 125 S. State at 10:00 a.m. Salt Lake City, Utah. Contact Dayne Goodwin 801-364-0667 daynegoodwin@gmail.com. Aaron Davis Nikko Schoch Chapter 118 VFP

  17. Colquitt Meacham says:

    Our local peace group, Rockbridge Response, will hold a rally Dec16 in solidarity with your actiies in D.C. We will gather on Main Street, Lexington,VA at 5pm. Thank you for your action and inspiration.

  18. Dear friends and co-fighters,

    Mobilization Against War and Occupation – MAWO, an antiwar coalition in Vancouver, Canada, endorses the Dec. 16th Veteran-led action and civil disobedience against war. We believe that now more then ever it is important for peace-loving people from all over the world, across all borders, to join together on the streets in opposing imperialist war and occupation from Iraq and Afghanistan to Africa and Latin America.

    We will report on this important action to our organizers, friends and supporters.

    In Solidarity
    Alison Bodine, Co-Chair, Mobilization Against War and Occupation – MAWO

  19. Please add Brooklyn For Peace as an endorser.
    At least 3 of our members will be travelling to Washington to participate.
    Those who can’t go to Washington will be supporting the Veterans for Peace NYC Chapter 034 Action in Times Square, or attending a Community Forum with Iraq Veterans Against the War in Fort Greene/Clinton Hill.

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